Sixth meeting at University of Liverpool

6th meeting of the Northern Network for Empirical Music Research

Liverpool, 8 April 2022

Hosted by the Applied Music Research Lab (University of Liverpool)

You can find all the details about the meeting on this page: (we still need to add a few more things like directions, maps, etc.). In this page you will also find a link for a registration form. This is the password you need to access it: NEMuR@Liverpool2022.

Please note that the plan in the afternoon may change a bit. We are considering having only 2 parallel workshops (A and B) to allow everyone to participate in Workshop C (Decolonising research in Music Psychology). The start and end times won’t change though so you can make your travel arrangements (the train station is a 15 to 20 minutes walk from the meeting site). Also, Mickey and Yiting are organising a student-led session before/during lunch and will get in touch via email about it soon. There are already some cool ideas but they want to hear what others think and plan something that can be relevant, insightful and fun(!).

Please register ASAP so that we know how many people are coming and plan accordingly (rooms, lunch, etc.). We really look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool for our first face to face meeting in a long time.

Eduardo Coutinho 18th February 2022